Wednesday, 16. January 2019


Means of promotion


Our product range includes wall maps, desktop pads and further interesting maps that you can use as promotional gifts. Your customers will be thrilled and your brand will be present on their wall, on their desk or in their pocket.


You can have your company logo imprinted on the maps - even if you only order a small quantity.


Would you like to develop a tailor-made map with us? Let's talk about the options.


Order your personalised wall maps, desktop pads here, or consult our catalogue for more details.


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Wall maps

The Power of Wall Maps

There are few things that capture our imagination quite as profoundly as maps do. Hardly any other advertising medium will remain longer on the wall, on your desk or in your memory. Maps not only
help the viewer make professional decisions about markets and the transport routes to reach them, they also shape his dreams of travelling and exotic destinations. They appeal to your customers on an emotional level.


Desktop pads

Desk Pads

As a vehicle for advertising, we can design maps in many different ways – also as desk pads. Placing your company details (logo, slogan, address etc.), laminating the map or highlighting certain locations are some examples of the scope of your design options.


Wall Maps